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Welcome to The Buy Black Market, the newest pop-up event taking the city by storm! Our main goal is to keep all attendees up to date and informed on all the exciting things happening during our inaugural event. Our team is dedicated to ensuring transparency and answering any and all questions you may have. So please feel free to contact us at if you need any additional information!

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1. Is The Buy Black Market Fest a annual event?

In 2024, The Buy Black Market Fest is hosting it's inaugural event downtown Montgomery, AL on April 27th.

2. Is The Buy Black Market Fest and The Buy Black Market: Block Party the same event?

The Buy Black Market Fest and The Buy Black Market: Block Party are two separate events hosted by THE BUY BLACK MARKET, powered by A Curated Bookstore, and produced by Geneva Watford.

The Block Party is a celebration of small-black businesses in the local areas in which the event is hosted in. The Fest is an event dedicated to conversation, story telling, vendors, live performances, and much much more. It is also ONLY celebrated in Montgomery, AL but invites are sent to ALL small-black business nationwide. 

3. What is the fee to participate as a vendor at The Buy Black Markets?

To participate as a vendor in the BUY BLACK MARKET events is currently $60 with a one year placement in our directory.

4. Are there any items included for vendors?

Each vendor will receive a 8ft table and two chairs. 

5. As a vendor, can I bring helpers?

Absolutely! Teamwork makes the dream work.

6. How many vendors per category/industry?

In efforts to secure as many vendors as possible, we are hoping to get a variety of creatives, artisans, makers, etc. Therefore, are ratio per category/industry is 1 every 20. However, authors, nonprofit organizations, and service providers will not be held to the same policy. 

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