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Cool Kids’ Hour at the Curated Bookstore is a Homeschool Cooperative Program in the historic Montgomery, AL aiming to bring culturally relevant teaching and activities to our homes and yours.

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More about our Homeschool Co-op

The number of American families who are choosing to homeschool their children is rising exponentially. We are a group of mother's wanting to bring the rich heritage of deep cultural experiences and teaching to our homes and yours.
In efforts to better assist our community with grassroot experiences, we would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can better assist you.

Homeschool Co-Op
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Writer's Workshop

  • Writer’s Workshop is a framework for writing instruction and practice in the classroom.

  • Writer’s Workshop follows a predictable pattern of: 

    • Mini-Lesson (5-10 minutes)

    • Independent Writing (20-30 minutes)

    • Conferring (during independent writing) 

    • Sharing (5-10 minutes)

Daily Lessons

Connection—access prior knowledge 

Teaching—one skill, method, four types:

1. Procedures and Organization (routines)

2. Strategies and Processes

3. Skills

4. Craft and Technique 

Active Involvement—opportunity to practice—turn and talk - Turn and talk to your partner how you can… 

Link—bring closure to the lesson by linking it to what has been previously learned 

Each scholar will leave the program with notes and strategies to use towards the academic year. All lessons used are evidence-based and effective.

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